In HUD, we believe we are here to provide not just a place to work, but a family living under the same roof; a place where people unite, and act as one, towards one common goal. We strive to foster an open workplace with fluid communications and encourage the building of harmonious working relationships.

Furthermore, we concern the work-life balance of every member. To help colleagues achieve work-life balance, we regularly organise recreational activities like hiking, playing basketball, badminton and football. These activities not only strengthen colleagues’ health but also develop their exercising habit and team spirit. Besides, we encourage colleagues to join the interest classes organised by staff associations of our Shareholder companies such as yoga, kick boxing, cake making, photography, etc. Through the interest classes, colleagues could develop hobbies for fruitful leisure and at the same time build up their personnel network. Moreover, we are committed to “Social Responsibility” launch ing charitable and community activities including beach-cleaning, disaster relief and food donation, for colleagues to participate meaningfully.