HUD is committed to both personal development and professional growth of employees. To motivate our employees, HUD believe that we need to provide them with development and advancement opportunities; and we consciously try to balance the business needs of the group with the career goals of individuals.

We believe that investment in employees is essential to the future strength and success of our business. We provide continuous development and professional training internally and externally for management and dedicated staff to develop and refresh their knowledge and skills with changing times.

Furthermore, safety is our highest priority. HUD provides mandatory safety trainings and regular comprehensive technical trainings ashore and on board for all the respective employees. These trainings not only enhance their technical and safety knowledge, but also ensure the strict corporate safety standards have been attained.

In addition, HUD has well-established our own training programmes with a centralised recruitment process choosing the right candidates to join our different business streams at the right time. Details of each training programme are set out under Growth@HUD.