Workshop Facilities

HURE's most advanced automated processing equipment and their production capacities are listed out as follows:

• 2 units of High Speed Computer Controlled Shear-lines, each with a cutting capacity of 120 tons per 10 hour shift.
• 4 units of Double Bending Machines and 2 units of Single Benders, capable of bending the two ends of a rebar with maximum diameter up to 50mm.
• 2 units of Rebar in Coil Machines, capable of bending up to 20mm.
• 3 units of Bar/Coil Stirrup Benders, one being for 3D shapes and capable of bending up to 16mm.
• 2 units of Rebar in Coil Machines capable of bending up to 12mm stirrups.
• 1 unit of Rebar Straightening Machine forms coil up to 16mm in diameter.
• 1 set of Automated Rebar Processing Unit, capable of cutting and bending automatically up to 28mm.
• 7 units of Overhead Cranes in Factory Processing Area.
• 3 units of External Cranes for loading of Shear-lines and Syntax Machine.
• Electric Trolley System to allow for completed orders to be moved from production area to loading bay.