Our land engineering services are supported by three workshops, namely Steel & Pipe Workshop, Engineering Workshop and Electrical Workshop.


Our Steel & Pipe Workshop specialises in steel structure fabrication work by advanced technology, e.g. AutoCAD, numerical control plasma cutting, submerged arc welding etc.  Equipped with 4 overhead travelling cranes up to maximum 30 tonnes, 1,000-tonne load steel plate rolling machine, flanging machine, hydraulic press machine up to 400 tonnes load, profile and straight line flame cutting, MIG, TIG welding  and plasma cutter, we are capable to provide on-site installation services, lifting and fitting up heavy steel structure.


Our Engineering Workshop specialises in machining and machinery overhaul, such as turning, milling, boring, slotting, grinding, etc.  We also provide repair and overhaul services for container handling equipment, large-scale pumps, air compressors, etc.  Besides, the workshop is equipped with 4 overhead travelling cranes up to maximum 50 tonnes, lathes up to 14.5m x 2m diameter, vertical boring machine up to 1.2m x 2.7m diameter, industrial oven, foundry equipment and different types of metal processing machines, which are suitable for machining large-scale components like propulsion shaft.




Our Electrical Workshop specialises in motors repair and electrical installation. The workshop is equipped with electric baking oven up to 4m x 3.5m x 3.5m, vacuum pressure impregnating system up to 1.5m, load testing and high voltage testing equipment, coil winding machine up to 1.6 dia x 3m, dynamic balancing machine up to 10,000 kg/max. 4.3m in length and portable equipment for site balancing work etc.  We also provide electrical installation and maintenance for industrial plants.